A.S. Information Technology

Associate of Science – Information Technology


  1. The student will demonstrate the applications of computer information systems and fundamental computer concepts.
  2. The student will install internal and external options and devices.
  3. The student will configure and enhance the hardware and software of a computer to optimize computer performance.
  4. The student will utilize tools, hardware components, and hardware/software interfacing to troubleshoot computer problems.
  5. The student will plan and implement a technical solution for networking in a small business environment.
  6. The student will create IP addressing plans for a small network and implement a network equipment upgrade.
  7. The student will investigate issues and/or solve problems using current topics in computing as well as application of industry trends.
  8. The student will manage and maintain a database, such as SQL or Microsoft Access.
  9. The student will understand the following as related to Visual Basic and/or Java and/or another computer programming language:
    1. how to construct user interfaces for simple programs, and design functional systems;
    2. analyze and construct effective and efficient algorithms and appropriate control structures
    3. effectively use software development tools including editors, compilers, and libraries.