Career Development Center

The SBC Career Development Center (CDC) offers a variety of professional development services to help students explore their interests, discover paths to opportunities, and prepare for professional interactions. These services are extremely valuable in transforming the “student” into a graduate who is prepared to start a career.

Many local and state employers actively advertise their open positions at the CDC with the hope of recruiting our graduates.  Transportation is provided to students who wish to attend Job Fairs throughout the area.

All professional development services are available year around, with workshops and learning opportunities available on all SBC sites.  The CDC and the Career and Technical and Guidance Counselor offer individual appointments if students need additional support.

The Career Development Center is located on the Fort Yates campus in the Student Support Services building in classroom 128 and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Questions about work after SBC? Contact our Career Counselor today! (701)854-8041.