Community Health Worker


Associate of Science

Degree Plans

Degree plans, degree requirements, and more information can be viewed under Degree Plans in the Programs’ tab.

Course Descriptions

Program Outcomes

  1. The students will access current & reliable research-based health information from the internet as a “life-long” skill.
  2. The student will present health-related information to others in “one-on-one” settings, as well as in small group settings, & large group settings
  3. The student will attend to “health literacy”, that is, prepare and present health information in a way that is respectful of the “learner”, for example, students will be able to effectively adapt health information so it can be understood by an elder, a colleague, a Tribal leader, a child, people with advanced reading levels, and people who have limited reading levels.
  4. The student will adapt general health related information to include its direct application to the American Indian cultural context
  5. The student will document reliably in written and electronic health records
  6. The student will communicate effectively and respectfully
  7. The student will assess different communication styles and adapt their communication style as necessary to meet the needs of potential clients in the community