COVID-19 Information

This page will contain the most up to date information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

7-2-20 CARES Act Emergency Relief Fund

6-16-20 Update

ALL College sites will be closed to the public through June 26th
Meetings may be arranged with college employees by appointment only
All transit routes are cancelled through July 3rd
The Service Center will be closed through July 3rd
The library is closed
If you need tax preparation services please call 854-8122
The Immersion Nest and Kampus Kids Daycare are closed

5-7-20 CARES Act Emergency Relief Fund

3-18-20 Update to Students from Vice President

Dear Students

Due to the new cases of the COVID-19 virus, Administration for the health and safety of our employees, will be closing the College through April 3, this does include public transit.  We have asked faculty to continue to move forward with getting courses on-line starting next week.  Again, being this week is spring break not all courses are on-line at this time.  Just keep checking your MySBC. 

The closure does mean that there will not be computer access available for students on campus.  If you do not have a computer to complete your coursework, please visit your community buildings.  I understand that they are all supposed to have Wi-Fi and possibly a few computers.  The most important thing at this point is to please keep in contact with your instructors.   Other employees  will be working remotely, so stipends will still be as scheduled for April 3.  Those students that do not have direct deposits, checks will be mailed with no exceptions. 

If you have any concerns or issues, please feel free to email me or you can call me on my cell phone listed below and I will trying and assist.    

Please be safe. 

Koreen Ressler, PhD
Vice President of Operations
Cell 701.226.5775

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