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What is the Community Extension/Continuing Education Program?

The SBC Continuing Education/Community Extension Program is aimed at providing high quality trainings for those in the communities the College serves. The College is able to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for successful training participants at qualified trainings.

What is a CEU?

CEUs, or Continuing Education Units, are markers of successful completion of educational experiences. Most commonly, CEUs are required by employers to show that employees have partook in Professional Development. These are not College courses which require College enrollment, but are ways to further develop interests or skills.

Who can get CEUs/take these courses?

SBC requires participants to be over 18 years old to get CEUs. Apart from that, agencies/institutions hosting or instructing may have their own requirments. Generally however, to take part participants do not need any specific prior education (degree, GED etc). SBC policies must be followed for all on SBC campuses.

How do I host or attend a training for CEUs?

Trainings can happen one of two ways, either a program can contact the College if they have a training planned and request for SBC to provide CEUs, or individuals or programs can even contact the College and request a course for CEUs and if there is the right amount of interest and availability the College will certainly try to do so. Additionally, SBC is usually able to provide a location for these courses if needed in one of the classrooms or public spaces in Fort Yates, McLaughlin, or Mobridge as needed. Additional information is provided on the CEU Request Form. Ultimately due to availability of staff, appropriateness of training, lack of qualifications of instructor, or many other factors SBC may not be able to approve CEUs, but we certainly encourage you to request!

Interested in requesting SBC CEUs for your program’s training/course?

Please fill out and return this form: CEU Request Form

Need Registration Forms for your class?

In order to provide CEUs in addition to information on the class and instructor and approval, SBC requires signed Registration Forms including CDIB Request Forms if applicable to be submitted. Please use this form: CEU Registration Form

What do participants get?

Hard copies can be mailed to addresses provided on signed Registration Forms by request upon successful completion of CEU Transcript Request Form. These are great for attaching to resumes when applying/interviewing for jobs, showing evidence of professional development to employers, keeping a record of accomplishments, and more!

Please ensure all information filled out and return to CEU instructor/Sitting Bull College.



A student working on her hide during an Extension Program Buffalo Hide Tanning Workshop.

Students learning at a Grant-Writing Workshop

Students learning strategies for funding at a Grant-Writing Workshop

An Extension workshop on making local, natural salves taught by Linda Black Elk