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Sitting Bull College Branding Standards

SBC Logo
The logo of Sitting Bull College centers around the image of TATANKA IYOTAKE, SITTING BULL , surrounded by a circle “sacred hoop” which is symbolic of the unity of people.  This can be any groups of people such as families, extended families, bands of people, or all people.  The image of a buffalo is a replica of the insignia of Sitting Bull.  He rarely signed his name, but rather used this symbol as a signature.  The arrow is representing the continuation of the circle through infinity.

The logo version with colors: In this version, the colors represent the four directions.  Red, which is the color of the East symbolizes harmony, wisdom, and understanding.  Yellow is the color of the South, representing new growth, children and the elders.  Black, the color of the West, depicts the thunderbeings and healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  The color of the North is White, representing purification of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self.

To use any Sitting Bull College logo or imagery, be sure to have approval of Sitting Bull College and follow the policy (click to read):
Use of Sitting Bull College Name, Logos, Imagery, or Other Identifying Info