About Standing Rock Public Transit


Since 1989 Sitting Bull College has operated public transit to serve communities in south-central North Dakota and north-central South Dakota.

Currently, the transit program provides Inter-city services for 12 communities and 2 casinos to major transportation hubs (airports and charter bus services). The Transit Program also provides Dial-A-Ride services in Fort Yates, North Dakota and twice monthly trips to both the North Dakota and South Dakota Veteran’s Hospitals.

Intercity Services

Let us help you with your travel plans to other parts of the United States. Intercity services are provided Monday through Friday to major transportation services in Bismarck, North Dakota. In addition, the Transit Program has partnered with other transit providers to improve connections for easier connections to other destinations.

Veterans Hospitals

Transportation is available to Fort Meade Medical Center in South Dakota and Fargo Veteran’s Medical Center in North Dakota. Buses run two days per month to each hospital. The Transit Program can also provide connecting services every Monday through Friday to and from the Bismarck Disabled American Veterans van service to Fargo. The goal of this service is to provide Veterans and their families’ affordable accessibility to medical services and to assist with the coordination of their transportation needs.

(This service is available to everyone regardless of Veteran’s status)

Medicaid Transit Services

The Transit Program provides Medicaid transit services. Please call (701) 854-8010 to register and to make a reservation.