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Graduates from SBC’s environmental science program will provide essential support for managing local natural resources.  Standing Rock Sioux Tribal agencies have expressed an interest in hiring SBC’s graduates and those applicants who have showed a dedication to management and an appreciation of field work experience.

The agencies and organizations where students with degrees in environmental science are obtaining jobs vary greatly.  To date, SBC has placed students locally at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Environmental Protection Agency, the Cheyenne River Tribe Game and Fish Department, Sitting Bull College, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Department of Environmental Regulation, the U.S. Game and Fish Department, MRI Water, and with private farms and ranches.

In addition, to the ample areas of employment available to SBC’s environmental science graduates, there are many opportunities available to students pursuing work experiences through internships.  SBC environmental science students have conducted work experience internships with the following agencies and organizations: the Natural Resource and Conservation Service, Sioux County Extension, National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), the University of Minnesota, Iowa State University, the United States Forest Service, Sitting Bull College, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Environmental Protection Agency, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Game and Fish Department, Oahe Veterinary Hospital, and the Experimental Program to Stimulate Cooperative Research (EPSCoR).  Many of these entities have expressed a genuine need exists in finding qualified personnel that have a bachelor of science degree in environmental science or a natural resources-related field.   Advancement in careers is also contingent on obtaining a degree at the B.S. level or higher for nearly all federal and state agencies, as well as with many tribal organizations.  The B.S. degree in environmental science from Sitting Bull College will provide SBC graduates with a degree that will allow them to compete for jobs and receive career advancement, while obtaining their B.S. degree in environmental science locally.


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