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Sitting Bull College Division of Education
Mitákuyepi, aŋpétu kiŋ lé čhaŋtéwaštéya napéčhiyuzapi
(Relatives, today I extend a heart filled handshake to you)

Sitting Bull College Division of Education has developed the following vision statement for all education programs: As a community of learners in fulfilling Sitting Bull’s vision of building a better future for our children, we emulate the Lakota/Dakota values of bravery, generosity, wisdom, and fortitude.

Our education faculty is dedicated to meeting the challenges presented in today’s global communities by preparing those who will be the teachers of the next generation. The uniqueness of our programs is evident in the curriculum that reflects the vision of the Lakota Leader Sitting Bull, “Let’s put our mind together to see what we can build for our children”.  To ensure that teachers are prepared to work in our Standing Rock Reservation schools we have designed the curriculum to focus on the Lakota/Dakota beliefs, values, and traditions. This program provides students with many opportunities to apply knowledge to the classroom through early field experiences. All programs integrate Constructivist teaching principles in all core course content; this student centered approach is a framework for all of our education programs. We believe that students need to be empowered in heart, mind, and spirit in order to be successful in completing their academic goals.

Sitting Bull College Division of Education is located in a new facility with access to current technological tools and wireless connections. The Sitting Bull College daycare is available for faculty, staff, and students. The hours are intended to accommodate those in need of child care during the mornings, afternoon, and/or evenings. Sitting Bull College financial aid office, registrar, and student service department understand the unique needs of today’s students; they make every effort to provide support for all students.

Please feel free to call, visit, or explore the Sitting Bull College web site for additional information.

Pi la ma ya,

Sitting Bull College Division of Education

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