Application Process


Admission Requirements

Admission into the Division of Education Bachelor degree programs is not automatic. All students must apply and be accepted into the program prior to taking most upper division courses (300-400 levels). State law requires a background check for student teachers; therefore, Sitting Bull College requires a background check prior to acceptance into the Bachelor program. (See handbook for details.)
Requirements for admission into the Teacher Education Program(s) are as follows:

  1. Successful completion of an Associate of Science in Teacher Education, Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education, Associate of Science in Environmental Science, and/or an Associate of Arts in General Studies with a cumulative GPA of 2.75.
  2. Completion of the “Application for Division of Education” form, which includes the signature of acceptance by the committee chair, along with three letters of recommendation from employers/instructors.
  3. Completed disposition essay.
  4. Documentation of background check.
  5. Pre-professional PRAXIS I test scores must meet or exceed North Dakota Education Standards and Board passing scores.  Scores must be submitted and placed on file with the Education Division Director.
  6. Acceptance into the program will be based upon the following criteria:
    1. fulfillment of criteria listed above
    2. attendance record in classes
    3. class participation record (timely completion of papers, project, etc.)
    4. interview by a committee of educators.

Once accepted into a Division of Education Bachelor’s program, a student must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.75 in order to remain in the program.  Students must pass all methods courses with a 3.0 or higher.

Finally, during the last year of classes, the student must pass the PRAXIS II exam* in order to graduate with Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Sitting Bull College. This may be done concurrently with student teaching.
*Exception to this requirement is for students completing the non-teaching track of the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education degree. 


The Bachelor of Science programs in education at Sitting Bull College offer course work which meets the requirements for North Dakota and South Dakota state endorsements in birth through preschool, kindergarten, and middle school teaching. (See handbook for details.)


E-Portfolio – Education candidate progress will be assessed through a regular review of the e-portfolio and other units developed throughout the program beginning with the introductory courses. There will be several opportunities for the candidates to self – evaluate their progress throughout their junior and senior level coursework.

Student Teaching

The Division of Education makes every effort to place students in a setting with the least hardship for the candidate. Candidates must apply prior to placement for student teaching according to dates set on application form, late applicants cannot be guaranteed placement in the preferred semester. Candidates must have completed all methods courses prior to student teaching. For further information on the student teaching process please refer to the SBC Student Teaching Handbook.

Suspension – Suspension is the removal from student teaching for the remainder of the semester with a right to reapply. A student teacher may be suspended from student teaching for serious violation (s) of student teaching policies and procedures, or serious incompetence which is deemed uncorrectable. For further information on suspension from student teaching please refer to the SBC Student Teaching Handbook.

Termination or dismissal – Grievous violations of policies or procedures, or incompetence which results in serious harm to student in the student teaching classroom may be cause for termination. Recommendation for termination will be made by the SBC supervisor, the cooperating teacher, and the school administrator in which the student teaching is taking place. Student who are terminated from student teaching may not reapply to student teach at Sitting Bull College. For further information on termination/dismissal from student teaching please refer to the SBC Student Teaching Handbook.

Other Issues to Consider:

  • Full-time, daytime attendance will be required at various times of your program.
  • Graduation from the program does not guarantee licensure to teach.
  • Grant funding may be available for a specified period. Students need to be aware that each grant provides different kinds of support and federal guidelines must be followed. Therefore, students must apply for all other funding prior to acceptance.
  • Student must complete 12 weeks of student teaching in each area and must be available to be in the classroom setting during school hours. North Dakota standards do not allow this to be a paid experience.

Application Form
Recommendation Form
Organizational Chart
Student Teaching Handbook
Student Policies & Procedures Manual
Education Department Application for Program Study Approval
Pre-Service Teacher Dispositions