Standing Rock History

Flooding in Wakpala, South Dakota 1950 (Sitting Bull College Archive)

A page for historical resources available on the Internet dealing with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Reservation. For resources dealing with Lakota/Dakota language see Lakota/Dakota Language and Culture Resources. For links and information to current Standing Rock businesses and institutions see the Standing Rock Links page.  This page is under construction, so there is more to come soon

General Historical Resources Available Online

Pte Oyate: Buffalo Nation by Ladonna Brave Bull Allard

History of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe by Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

History and Culture of the Standing Rock Oyate by ND Studies

History and Culture of the Standing Rock Oyate by ND Department of Public Instruction

Oral History of the Dakota Tribes as Told to Col. A.B. Welch

The First Scout By Dakota Goodhouse

The Meaning of Patriotism: Memories of World War One on the Standing Rock Reservation

Wisdom of the Elders Video Recordings of Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Elders


Sixth Annual All Indian Basketball Tournament 1941 (Wikimedia Commons via NARA)

Photographic Databases Containing Standing Rock Photographs                                        

Denver Public Library Digital Image Collection
Over 120,000 images from Denver Public Library’s Western History and Genealogy collection.

Digital Horizons Photograph Database

Contains thousands of images, documents, videos and oral histories from the Northern Plains region.

Great Rivers Network
A database that is a collaboration between cultural heritage institutions in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. It facilitates discovery of diverse resources such as photographs, artifacts, manuscripts, vital records and library catalogs.


Baseball game on Standing Rock Around 1935 (Wikimedia Commons by NARA)

Library of Congress American Memory Database
A large collection of images, documents, videos, written and audio items from the Library of Congress and other institutions.

Library of Congress Photographs and Prints Online Catalog
Access to images held in the collections of the Library of Congress

Montana Memory Project: Montana’s Digital Library and Archives
The Montana Memory Project provides access to digital collections and items relating to Montana’s cultural heritage and government.

 Standing Rock photographs from the 1930s and 40s from the National Archives

Some Selected Historical Documents on the Internet Dealing with Standing Rock 

A growing number of public domain and government publications are becoming available online. We will add them here as they become available.

Airborne Geophysical Survey, Standing Rock, South Dakota and North Dakota

Problems on the Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Reservations Arising From the Oahe Project, 1950


Football game on Armistice Day Around 1935 (Wikimedia Commons via NARA)

The Action of the Interior Department in Forcing the Standing Rock Indians To Lease Their Lands to Cattle Syndicates, 1902

The Problem of Indian Administration (aka The Merriam Report) 1928

BIA Overview of Standing Rock Geology

Dakota Woman, MixedBlood Man: American Indians from the Northern Plains A Personal History of Dominant-Minority Relations of Native America

Family Plan and Rehabilitation Programs, Standing Rock Reservation: 1964

Geology of the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Indian Reservations of North and South Dakota

Geohydrology of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, North and South Dakota

Geology of Grant and Sioux Countries North Dakota

Guide to Catholic Related Records: Standing Rock Churches and Schools from Marquette University

Have the Indians of Standing Rock Been Fairly Treated? by George Kennen 1902

Impacts of the Army Corps of Engineers’ Pick Sloan Program on the Tribes of the Missouri River Basin

In the Land of Inyan Woslata: Plains Indian Influences on Reservation Whites

Artwork by 15 year old Isabella Witner at Kenel Farm School 1895 (Sitting Bull College Archive)

Magnetic Resonance Data, Standing Rock

Effects of the Oahe Reservoir on the Cheyenne River Reservation and Standing Rock Reservation: A Preliminary Statement of Investigation Problems, 1947 

Plants and Foodways of the Standing Rock Nation: Diversity, Knowledge, Sovereignty by Morgan Laurent Ruelle 

Preferences of Tourists and Locals Toward Ecotourism Development on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation by Sheldon Tusherer

Report of Socio-Economic Survey: 1951 Standing Rock Indian Reservation North and South Dakota

Soil Survey of Corson County, South Dakota

Soil Survey of Sioux County, North Dakota

Statistical and Narrative Report for Standing Rock Agency

Status of Mineral Resource Information for the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, North and South Dakota

Suggested Program For The Use of Oahe Funds for Economic and Social Betterment, Standing Rock Reservation , North and South Dakota 1957

“The Last Buffalo Hunt” and Beyond: Plains Sioux Economic Strategies in the Early Reservation Period

The lignite deposits of the Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Indian reservations, Corson, Dewey, and Ziebach counties, South Dakota and Sioux County, North Dakota 

The Oahe Dam and the Standing Rock Sioux by Michael Lawson

Water, Bed-Sediment and Fish Tissue Quality within the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, North Dakota and South Dakota, 2006


Historic hand drawn map of the Grand River area on the Standing Rock Reservation (Sitting Bull College Archive)

Historic Maps of Standing Rock

1914 Geologic Survey Map of Standing Rock and Cheyenne River

1914 Topographic Map of Parts of Standing Rock and Cheyenne River

Standing Rock Maps and Graphics from North Dakota Studies