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President Barack Obama speaking at the Cannon Ball North Dakota Flag Day Celebration June 13th 2014

President Barack Obama speaking at the Cannon Ball North Dakota Flag Day Celebration June 13th 2014 (Sitting Bull College Archive)


Cover art from informational pamphlet (1960s) (Sitting Bull College Archive)

Below are various links to useful websites and documents online.  Not all organizations and entities have an online presence, but this page will be updated as they emerge.  For Lakota/Dakota language and culture resources see this page. For Standing Rock Census and data see the Standing Rock Statistical Profile. For historical links see Standing Rock History If you have any questions, please contact the library at (701)854-8008 or

Standing Rock Governmentobama

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Sioux County Government

Corson Country Government

Bureau of Indian Affairs: Standing Rock Agency

Standing Rock Game and Fish

Sioux County Social Services

Standing Rock Emergency and Law Enforcement

Sioux County Sheriff


Distances on Standing Rock

Corson County Sheriff

Standing Rock Local Links

History of Standing Rock

Standing Rock National Native American Scenic Byway     

Standing Rock Transit


Flags at the Cannon Ball Flag Day Celebration during President Barack Obama’s visit to Standing Rock June, 13th 2014 (Sitting Bull College Archive)

Standing Rock Businesses

Grand River Casino

Prairie Knights Casino

Hunting the Rock

Standing Rock Telecom

Makoche Wowapi

Rock Industries

Standing Rock Propane

Standing Rock Media

Standing Rock Radio Stream KLND

Teton Times

Corson/Sioux County News Messenger

Mobridge Tribune

Bismarck Tribune

Last Real Indians

Rezpect Our Water

Sitting Bull College YouTube

Standing Rock Religious Organizations

Standing Rock Episcopal Community of North Dakota

Standing Rock Catholic Indian Mission and School

Standing Rock Schools

Mcintosh Public Schools

Mclaughlin Public Schools

Solen-Cannon Ball Public Schools

St. Bernard’s Mission School

Standing Rock Public Schools

Wakpala Public School

Sitting Bull School, Little Eagle, South Dakota

Standing Rock 0-5 Head Start

Sitting Bull College Lakota Immersion Nest

Standing Rock Documents and Maps


1944 Map of Standing Rock illustrating local sites and history. (Sitting Bull College Archive)

2013-2017 Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

How WIC Benefits the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Lake Oahe Access Map

Native American Entrepreneurship in South Dakota’s Nine Reservations

Standing Rock Game and Fish Land Status Map

Standing Rock Tribal and non-tribal boundaries map