Vision & Mission


Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.20140916_123637

Wakháŋyeža kiŋ lená épi čha táku waštéšte iwíčhuŋkičiyukčaŋpi kte.


Guided by Lakota/Dakota culture, values, and language, Sitting Bull College is committed to building intellectual capital through academic, career and technical education, and promoting economic and social development

Student Goals:

  1. Students will display technical and critical thinking skills through effective oral and written communication.
  2. Students will display leadership skills that promote ethical, responsible, dependable, and respectful behavior.
  3. Students will develop work ethics and skills to function independently and cooperatively 20140906_103127within a diverse work environment.
  4. Students will demonstrate knowledge of past, present, and future Native American cultures.