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Tuition and Aid

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Paying for College

Here at Sitting Bull College, we won’t let a price tag stand in your way! We know the importance of education, and our mission is to provide affordable education.  We’re here to help navigate your options to pay for college. When you review our cost of attendance, remember that 99% of our students receive financial aid through a combination of scholarships, grants, or work-study.  If you are a recent high school graduate or GED recipient, you may be eligible for a one-year tuition waiver under the “Build Your Brighter Future Scholarship.”

Our financial aid team will work with you to develop a financial plan to ensure you graduate debt free.  For assistance contact our office at with any questions you may have.
+ Tuition
TUITION (charged fall and spring semesters – 12-18 credit hours) - $1,800.00
TUITION (charged fall and spring semesters – per credit hour up to 11 credits or per credit hour over 18 credits) - $125.00
TUITION (summer semester – per credit hour) - $125.00    

TUITION (charged each semester – per credit hour – Master’s programs only) - $350.00
TUITION - AUDIT & CEU COURSES (charged each semester – per credit hour) - $62.50
+ Fees
REGISTRATION FEE (charged each semester) - $25.00
ACTIVITY FEE (fall and spring semesters) - $30.00
  • Full-time enrollment (fall and spring semesters – 12 or more credits) - $150.00
  • Part-time enrollment (fall and spring semesters – 1 to 11 credits)  - $15.00 per credit hour
  • Summer semester (full-time and part-time) -  $15.00 per credit hour
 LAB, HPER, PSI, OTHER FEES (charged each semester - varies with the different courses)
(one-time charge for each of the following programs: building trades, electrical, heavy equipment operations, and welding)
COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LICENSE (one-time charge) - $300.00
SBC GRADUATION FEE (purchase of cap, tassel, gown, diploma and cover) - $100.00
                                          (purchase of diploma and cover only) - $35.00
TRANSCRIPT FEE (academic and CEU)  - $15.00
NO SHOW FEE: (charged per class for students who do not attend any class in the first three weeks and do not complete the form to officially withdraw from classes) - $10.00
+ Nursing Fees
  • NURS 201 course (stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, pen light, tote case, disposable lab supplies)  - $180.00
  • NURS 206 course (uniform, shoes, scissors, liability insurance, disposable supplies)         - $450.00
  • NURS 206C course (background check, hotel expense) - $615.00
  • NURS 231 course (Shadow Health clinical experience and disposable supplies) -  $125.00
  • NURS 245 course (Clinical placement fee, HESI testing, hotel expense) - $650.00
  • NURS 246 course (hotel fees, disposable supplies)  - $1,055.00
  • NURS 297 course (Nursing board fees, HESI Testing) - $520.00