Agriculture Extension Program | Sitting Bull College

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Agriculture Extension Program

Sitting Bull College (SBC) Ag. Extension program’s primary mission is to “promote and enhance the ability of Tribal members’ self-sustenance and economic well-being”. This is accomplished by providing opportunities for community members to engage in agriculture relevant programming at SBC.   

The Ag Extension program incorporates the following programming components:
  • Agriculture and related business technical assistance including financial literacy and business planning.
  • Development of vegetable production systems, including irrigation systems and green house production.
  • Hands on ranching activity, including exposure to various types of facilities, livestock care and management, along with equipment use and operation.
  • Horsemanship, use of horses in agriculture operations, training, rodeo activities, history of the horse in Dakota/Lakota culture.
  • The establishment and delivery of a community market for local craftsman, artisans, producers and other vendors.