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Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board Guidebook/Application

Research at, or sponsored by Sitting Bull College and on Standing Rock Sioux Reservation will be well designed and properly executed. All researchers will abide by ethical principles of respect for persons, beneficence, and justice. All researchers will respect the culture of the residents of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation when designing and carrying out proposed research. All researchers will follow the guidelines and procedures for protection of human subjects outlined by SBC and carried out by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Data collection cannot begin without IRB approval. Research results will be shared with Sitting Bull College.

IRB Application Review Dates

IRB Meeting and Application Review Dates (Last Thursday of the month)
– October
– December
– February
– April
– June
– August

Application packets are due no later than that Friday before the meeting.

How to Apply to the IRB?

The following information will guide you through the IRB Process.  If at any time you have questions, please email the IRB Chair.  You may also find answers on our FAQ page.

All IRB protocol application forms are submitted via Sitting Bull Cayuse IRB. Please note that as of August 2020, we are transitioning from our prior application processes (PDF application) to an online cloud-based system (Cayuse IRB).  If you are renewing or modifying an application, we encourage you to go through Cayuse. All applications must be submitted or managed through Cayuse IRB (
To obtain access to the system, please use the Sitting Bull College Cayuse Account Request form below. (Faculty and staff members are already in Cayuse IRB and can use their SBC login credentials to access their accounts.) Please note that student researchers must have a faculty advisor to add an account and to certify the protocol application. Questions about the process should be directed to the IRB.  Please review our IRB Process to read more about how the application process works with Sitting Bull Cayuse IRB. 

Applicant Responsibility:

Obtain application access from the IRB Chair.
Complete necessary PI training
Determine type of IRB review application to be used.
Complete the appropriate IRB review application. Any required parts of the protocol such as an informed consent form or an interview instrument must be attached to the application.
Submit the complete application, with attachments, via the online submission process to the IRB Chair for review; indicate what will happen with the research results.
Secure IRB approval before data collection can begin.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Mafany Mongoh, IRB Chair
9299 Highway 24
Fort Yates, ND 58538
Ph: 701.854.8051
To contact the IRB, please email the Chair:

Account Request Form

Please complete the form below for access to Sitting Bull College Cayuse IRB. You will receive an email with login instructions after you have been added to the system. Please allow 2-3 business days for account creation.  

Everyone seeking to conduct research under the purview of the IRB at Sitting Bull College, or on Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, must request a Cayuse IRB account.

Please note that faculty and staff members are already in Cayuse IRB. Student researchers must have a faculty advisor to add an account and to certify the protocol application.

You are filling out this below form to request an account with Cayuse. Please submit your information below and we will be in touch within 24-48 business hours. Thank you.
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