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Apprenticeship Programs

Earn & Learn with Sitting Bull College

Modern apprenticeships build a highly skilled workforce through focused, on-the-job occupational training. Today’s Registered Apprenticeship programs help motivated people earn an income, gain knowledge, and develop key skills in their chosen field simultaneously. Registered Apprenticeships—those approved through the U.S. Department of Labor—are expanding nationwide and right here at home. 
SBC’s Earn & Learn Apprenticeship Program combines classroom and work-based learning, empowering students to acquire both the knowledge and hands-on skills in demand by particular occupations and employers.

Benefits for the Apprentice/Student:

  • Work for a local employer who invests in their individual education and career.
  • Receive hands-on workplace experience and training under the guidance of an employee mentor while you build foundational knowledge and skills as an SBC student.
  • Win the advantage of a clear employment pathway through the combination of structured work-based learning and traditional classroom education.

Benefits for Employer:

  • Build a talent pipeline of higher-skilled employees in the community.
  • Develop high-potential employees for career opportunities now and in the future.
  • Enhance employee satisfaction, loyalty, and motivation.
  • Benefit from reduced turn-over and lower recruitment costs.
This Fall (2023), SBC and several community employers are working together to launch Registered Apprenticeships in key occupations. New information will be posted as it is available. 

This is Just the Beginning!   

Opportunities abound and the time is right. Employers with a desire to build a talent pipeline, as well as interested SBC students,  please contact: 

Denise Dancy
Apprenticeships Program Coordinator
9299 Hwy 24
Fort Yates, ND 58538

Phone: 701.854.8023