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Credit Hour & Semester Info

Credit Hour Description

A credit is the unit used in computing the amount of work required for a course.   Credits given for the course are listed after the course title in the course description.  Sitting Bull College has various educational delivery methods for course offerings.  The education methods include face-to-face lecture and laboratory, accelerated, hybrid, distance learning (internet and IVN), personalized system of instruction, and independent study.  All course delivery methods require the same academic equivalency. 

Face-to-Face Course Instruction

In a lecture course, one (1) semester hour of credit represents one (1) contact hour per week for one (1) semester; in a laboratory course, one (1) semester hour of credit represents two (2) contact hours per week; and internships and practicum courses, one (1) semester hour of credit represents three (3) hours of practical work experience per week for one (1) semester. In addition, a minimum of two hours of additional outside work is recommended for students (such as reading, research, or completion of homework) each week for every one credit hour of lecture.

Some practicum hours are defined by certification requirements and are so noted in the degree plan.  Laboratory courses are identified in the course description.  
Accelerated courses are offered in various formats, but require a minimum of half the hours of regular instruction.  Therefore, for a regular three credit course that would meet 45 hours in an accelerated mode requires a minimum of 22.5 hours of instruction.  The amount of classroom time and outside work for an accelerated course must be equivalent to the total hours required in and out of the classroom for a face-to-face course.

Hybrid Course Instruction

Hybrid courses are offered through face-to-face and distance learning.   A hybrid course requires a minimum of one credit hour of regular instruction per week and the remaining instruction is completed through distance learning.    In addition, the amount of outside work for the student should be the same as a regular face-to-face to course.

Distant Learning Instruction

SBC currently offers methods of instruction through distant learning, which includes the following methods:


This method of delivery is an alternative to the regular classroom instruction methods.  This two-way interactive communication system uses cameras and microphones at one site. Participants at other sites can watch and listen to an instructor or presenter on a television monitor.  


This method of delivery is an alternative to the regular classroom instruction methods.  Only those student that have successfully completed their most recent semester of college courses (12 or more credits) with a 2.00 grade point average will be allowed to register for on-line Internet course(s).  No first-time, first-year freshman or a student on probation will be allowed to register for on-line Internet course(s).  Transfer students must provide transcripts prior to registering for on-line Internet course(s), and must have successfully completed college level coursework with a 2.00 grade point or higher in their most recent semester.

A student’s academic advisor will assist in determining a student’s “readiness” for on-line Internet course(s) through discussion with the student in regards to previous computer experience prior to registration.

Requirements for distance learning courses are just as stringent as attending regular classes.

Independent Study Policy

A student at Sitting Bull College may need to take a course independently in order to satisfy graduation requirements in the student’s major.  An Independent Study course offers a student the opportunity to make an in-depth study of a topic in the student’s regular curriculum but at a time not offered by the college.  (Please note that any class requiring a lab and/or hands-on activities, and any education methods course cannot be taken as an independent study course.)  

No more than three (3) credit hours from an independent study may be earned in any one semester, and no more than nine (9) credit hours of independent study credit may count toward satisfying the minimum requirements for a degree at Sitting Bull College*.

The student assumes the major responsibility for conducting the independent study with the guidance of the program advisor and faculty of record. All independent studies are expected to include the same course requirements as the regular face-to-face course.  While there is no official independent study class meeting time, regular class meetings may be scheduled to facilitate faculty-student conferences and reporting. Use of email communication is encouraged.

Sitting Bull College reserves the right to deny independent study for any course to any student at any time.


  1. A student wishing to enroll in independent study should begin by completing the Independent Study Application Form at least one week before the first day of class for the semester. The student should confer with the Program Advisor for justification for the Independent Study course.
  2. The student must meet the following requirements before taking an Independent Study course:
  3. The student needs to be making satisfactory progress in the student’s degree plan and have a 2.00 cumulative GPA at the time of requested independent study course;  
  4. The student must have completed 12 credits of college with a minimum GPA of 2.00 or above;
  5. The application must present a convincing rationale for the intended independent study and must provide evidence of a genuine desire to work independently.
  6. The student should then submit the Application Form to the approved faculty of record to agree to the Independent Study.
  7. If the faculty of record agrees to the Independent Study course, the student will then submit the approved application form to the Dean of Academics for final approval.  Copies of the application should be kept by the student, the program advisor, and the faculty of record.
  8. The assigned faculty of record will layout the required coursework, necessary meeting times, and the timeline to the student.  Communication may be in person, by phone, or electronic means.
  9. To register, the student should complete regular registration materials for the course.
* Students may request a waiver of the maximum credit policy from the Dean of Academics. Waivers will be granted only with support from the student’s advisor.

Semester Description

Sitting Bull College operates on a semester basis, which is a term averaging fifteen (15) weeks of instruction and one (1) week for final exams for a total of sixteen (16) weeks.  A Summer Session is approximately six (6) weeks in length and the classes offered during the summer session vary.  (See the Academic Calendar for starting and ending semester dates).