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Business Administration - Bachelor of Science

Program Description

The Business Administration Program offer students’ the skills necessary to be positive and successful in a number of management level positions. Business Administration derives its instructional base from the employment field of business and has as its mission the preparation of individuals for employment in business occupations, including entrepreneurship. Employment and Career Opportunities include the following: Entrepreneurship, Administrative Services, Advertising, Financial Management, Human Resource, Sales, Tourism, Training and Development, Purchasing, Storage and Distribution in all area markets. 

Career Opportunities

Employment and career opportunities for the Bachelor’s degree include; entrepreneur, manager, program director, comptroller, sales manager, human resource manager, personnel director, marketing manager, bookkeeper, auditor, real estate agent, information systems manager, business consultant, and online entrepreneur.  

Contact Information

Glen Philbrick, Business Administration Faculty
Telephone: (701) 854-8031
Therese Schmidt, Business Administration Faculty 
Telephone: (701) 854-8069