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Criminal Justice - Associate of Science

Program Description

By teaching the fundamentals of criminal justice and critical and creative thinking skills, the Criminal Justice program is designed to endow students with the fundamental knowledge to move on to a four-year institution of higher learning or enter careers in one of the major components of the American or Tribal criminal justice systems – law enforcement, the courts, or corrections – or allied fields.

Career Opportunities

Law Enforcement Officer, Lay Advocate, Paralegal, Police Officer, Correctional Officer, Parole Officer, Probation Officer, Investigator, Drug Enforcement Administration Agent, Detective, Jail Screener, Narcotics Officer, State Trooper, Youth Correctional Counselor, Fingerprint Technician, Crime Lab Technician, Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, Inspector, FBI Agent, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Court System, Criminologist, Federal Air Marshal, Compliance Officer, Lawyer, Clerk, U.S. Marshal, IRS Special Agent, Fish ang Game Warden, Forensic Science, Immigration and Customs, Advocate, Public Policy Analyst, Correctional Treatment Staff, Residential and Transitional Program Coordinator, Public Safety Officer, School Safety Officer, Social Justice Program Director, et cetera. Note, some careers require different levels of experience and/or education.  

Contact Information

Rick SyWassink, Criminal Justice Faculty
Telephone:  (701)-854-8053