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Native American Studies - Associate in Arts

Program Description

Native American Studies (NAS) at Sitting Bull College is an interdisciplinary program that engages with Native American life through history, the social sciences, cultural studies, and philosophy. With a focus on Ochéthi Šakówin language and culture, the Native American Studies Division seeks to develop student understanding of traditional and contemporary Native life and aims to prepare students for the current challenges that are unique to Native peoples. Therefore, in addition to courses in language and culture, Native American Studies offers courses in indigenous language loss and language revitalization, federal Indian policy, tribal governance, methods in indigenous research, and other relevant topics. 

Career Opportunities

A degree in Native American Studies is designed for anyone interested in the cultural heritage and history of Native American people and anyone working with or for Native American people.  Potential employers include a variety of tribal programs, the Indian Health Service, and in particular schools (in both primary and secondary education). . 

Contact Information

Michael B. Moore, Native American Studies Faculty  
Telephone: (701) 854-8021 

Helene Circle Eagle, Native American Studies Faculty
Telephone: (701) 854-8027