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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

High school sophomores, juniors and seniors may apply for admission to take 100 level classes.  These students are not seeking dual credit.  A high school sophomore, junior or senior will not be allowed to enroll in any developmental course with the exception of Math 102 Intermediate Algebra.

Dual Credit

The fifty-fifth legislative assembly of the State of North Dakota passed senate bill number 2033 at the 1997 session.  The bill allows juniors and seniors in North Dakota’s public schools to take courses offered by an approved post-secondary institution for both high school and post-secondary credit.  The program provides students with a greater variety of class offerings and the opportunity to pursue more challenging course work.

Enrollment Policy for Dual Enrollment and Credit

  • Complete application for admission
  • Complete the ACCUPLACER or provide written verification of ACT/SAT scores and meet the established cut scores for Composition (ENGL 110) and Math (MATH 102) in order to enroll in these courses
  • Students are allowed to enroll in 100 level courses only
  • Students are allowed to enroll in a maximum of two courses or eight credit hours per semester
  • Students will pay the same fees as a regular student
  •  Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the college
  • Each high school must appoint a liaison to work with SBC

Under Exceptions and Special Conditions, credits do not become official college credits until the student has submitted proof of graduation from high school or completion of GED.