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Transferring to SBC

Students who have attended college elsewhere must notify Sitting Bull College of all previous enrollments. Students are required to have all official transcripts sent to the Registrar.

Transfer credits of “C”, or better will be accepted if they apply to the student’s degree plan. Students must contact their Advisor for specific information about what core credits may be transferred and how these credits fulfill any degree requirements.

Students who transfer from an accredited institution of higher learning and are short credits in a particular general education or core requirement course will require the following:
  • If they are less than one credit short, they will not be required to repeat the general education or core requirement course.
  • If they are more than one credit short the student will be required to repeat the course.
  • If a student has taken courses such as ENGL 110 and ENGL 120 and is short from the six (6) hour requirements of Composition at Sitting Bull College, they can combine the credits for 110 and will only need to repeat 120.

Credits Not Accepted into SBC Degree Programs

The College will not accept credits into core requirements of a degree plan that are seven years old or older. This includes credits from Sitting Bull College and or accredited institutions of higher learning. Exceptions will be made in the Associate of Arts degree programs of General Studies and Native American Studies, or with approval of an advisor and Dean of Academics.