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Disability Services

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Sitting Bull College recognizes its responsibility to provide appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities who are otherwise qualified to participate in programs and courses of the college. Staff and faculty will work with students and/or other agencies to arrange for reasonable accommodations. These accommodations may include but are not limited to: extended time on tests, tests read aloud, reduced distraction testing, audio textbooks, large print materials, Braille materials, recording lecture, or other accommodation to allow the student access to the curriculum.       
Students can initiate disability services by contacting the Disabilities Coordinator’s office on a timely basis. An application for services and written documentation of the disability must be submitted to qualify for disability services. Documentation must come from an appropriate professional (such as a physician, psychologist, learning disability specialist, or audiologist), and documentation must include information regarding the type of disability, functional limitations, and modes of treatment. IEP’s are not sufficient for documentation requirements. Students who think they may have a disability should schedule a time to meet with the Disability Coordinator to discuss their concerns. If appropriate, a referral for formal evaluation will be made. Referrals are made to professionals or agencies in the community who do diagnostic work in the specific area of disability. The Disability Coordinators office is located in the Family Support Center.

Contact Information:
Chris Fired, Division of Education Director