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Special Collections

Special Collections

Sitting Bull College Library has several unique special collections that are available.
  • The James Emery Collection consists of over 900 recordings, many of which feature rare Lakota/Dakota songs and stories. A full listing of collections contents is available here
  • Primary source collection of Lakota stories by George Bushotter written in the 1880s courtesy of the Smithsonian Anthropological Archives
  • Primary source collection Lakota/Dakota music by Francis Densmore courtesy of the Library of Congress
  • The Standing Rock Collection is a growing comprehensive collection of historical primary source materials in various formats including print, audio and video. These include historic government, military, church, newspaper, musical and oral history sources collected from around the world that record Standing Rock history back to the distant past .
  • A growing archive that seeks to preserve documents from Standing Rock and Sitting Bull College history
  • A wide variety of historical photos, maps and primary source material that documents Standing Rock history are on display in the library.

Sitting Bull Photo Collection

In the late 19th Century, Sitting Bull, became one of the most photographed people of the age. Some of these photographs are iconic and readily recognizable to people around the world. While most are less well known and have received little attention. These photographs, combined with his historic leadership role, have made Sitting Bull one of the most recognizable American Indian leaders of all time.
The collection at Sitting Bull College Library comprises the largest permanent display of Sitting Bull photographs anywhere in the world. The collection continues to grow and will eventually feature each of the known unique photographs of Sitting Bull along with information about the history of each. Gathered together from archives, libraries and private individuals, the collection seeks to honor the memory of the great American Indian leader by creating a permanent display that will continue to inspire future generations.

In Our Own Words

Native Impressions Art prints of Native people’s images and words from across North Dakota is a new permanent display in the library rotunda. Read more about the artworks here