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The Pte Oyate

There are FOUR branches of Oceti Sakowin (Sioux) with each being comprised of sub bands:
  • I. Santee (Isanti) (Dakota) -- The Eastern Bands
    1) Sisseton (Fishing Ground Village)
    2) Wahpeton (Leaf Village)
    3) Wahpekute (Leaf Shooter)
    4) Mdewkanton (Spirit Lake Village)
II. Tetonwan (Lakota) -- The Western Bands
  • 1) Oglala (Scatter Their Own)
    2) Sicangu (Brule) (Burnt Thigh)
    3) Hunkpapa(Camp at Entrance)
    4) Miniconjou (Plants by Water)
    5) Oohenonpa (Two Kettle)
    6) Itazipco (Sans Arcs)(Without Bows)
    7) Sihasapa (Blackfeet)
 III. Yankton Sioux (Nakota) -- The Middle Band(Camp at the end)

IV. Yanktonai Sioux (Dakota) -- The Middle Bands
  • 1) Ihunktonwana- Upper Yanktonais (Little camp at the end)
    2) Hunkpatina-Lower Yanktonais (Little camp at the end)
    3) Assiniboine-Cree-Yanktonais mix (Stoney Sioux)